UAv Consulting and Services

AeroUAVS UAV Consulting helps New and Existing Operators in the UAS area file Section 333 Exemption requests, file COA requests, and plan flights safely in the National Airspace system.

AeroUAVs LLC has Offices in Florida and Illinois. AeroUAVs parent company, GPA Services, has provided Certification and Safety expertise for over 35 years to clients in the Aviation Sector. AeroUAVs specializes in services to the emerging UAS/UAV market. AeroUAVs Consulting is currently engaged with industry leaders to develop Guidelines/Safety Standards / Procedures for UAS Commercial operations in the US. AeroUAVS can assist you in FAA Section 333 filing, FAA COA filing, and ATC contacts. AeroUAVs has been granted FAA Exemption 12153 to allow commercial operations with 12 different airframes. 

OUR Subject Matter Experts HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Product Development TO the field. 

We have Subject Matter Experts with expertise in Small UAS Operations, Training, and Risk Analysis.