UAv Consulting and Services


GPA Services LLC is the Parent Company to AeroUAVs. GPA Services is a Nevada corporation, specializing in Regulatory Compliance and SMS services to airlines and UAS businesses throughout the world. GPA’s approach combines experience and lessons learned with non-traditional creative thinking and problem solving. We can solve problems focusing on systems and processes with a team approach. Utilizing technology paired with people, we can provide clear and concise documentation, and offer comprehensive training for effective knowledge transfer.

UAS Safety and Operational Control
FSI has significant demonstrated experience in domestic and global IFR operations as aircraft operators and managers of command and control (C2) platforms.  We have designed policies and procedures for complex operations control centers and have managed the use of technology to support control of onboard and ground flight systems.  FSI has been on the front of aircraft operations certifications with the FAA and the design and implementation of Safety Management (SMS) related to UAS operations. FSI facilitates the implementation of Safety Risk Management (SRM) principles during the design phase of all air carrier system elements.  System design for all air carrier programs follows a closed loop path of SRM assessment to ensure processes have been constructed to limit known risks. 

Worldwide Integrated Flight Support Corp, or WIFS, fulfills a much needed niche within the aviation industry as we specialize in all aspects of flight operations support. WIFS offers a comprehensive suite of services customized to each customer's unique flight requirements. The WIFS focus is on end-to-end support from Flight Deck technology implementation and set-up, to connectivity to ground systems, and the provision of ground operations hosting to support flight ops. WIFS has Re-Seller, Partnership and working relationships with a large number of aviation companies resulting in a "One Stop Shopping" for our customers.

838 Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with over 25 years of safety systems and leadership experience applying red team concepts in the aviation and oil and gas industries. The team is made up of former military aviators, who are part of the elite corps of fighter pilots that currently work in commercial aviation safety departments, on regulatory compliance, Safetntation and software. The team has worked globally and has extensive experience and in depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in high risk environments.

AeroPartners LLC is a Delaware corporation, specializing in short and long term Crew/Operator Staffing for Airlines and UAS entities throughout the world. AeroPartners was formed by airline professionals with thousands of hours and decades of experience aviation as Line Pilots, Instructors, and Senior Management in both the US and Europe. Our leadership understands that cost control and safety are the two most important factors for the long term viability of any business entity.

Blue Mountain Productions is an Illinois company that specializes in the art of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to capture landscapes in stunning new ways.