With the release of the Part 107, The FAA has eliminated the need for most Section 333 Exemptions. The Section 333 Process will only be used for those operations do not fall under Part 107 and are not able to be Waved under the normal FAA Waver process.

All operators that have filed for Section 333 Exemptions but have not yet been approved will be notified in the next few weeks that either:

  1. Their proposed activity falls under Part 107 rules and will therefore not recieve further processing (No Action required, You can fly on the Part 107 effective date in August).
  2. Their proposed activity is one of those that can be waved under 14CFR 107.205 and is being transferred to the Waver system (No Action required, the waver will be granted sometime after the Part 107 Effective date).
  3. Their proposed operation does not fall under either of the Above and it will continue to be processed under the Section 333 Exemption Program.

For These unique requests, the agency will still publish the petition in the Federal Register for public comment and will conduct a detailed analysis.

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