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With the release of 14 CFR Part 107 UAS Pilot Training is now allowed. (Previous to Part 107, only Kansas State University was allowed to conduct Training for hire). There will be many companies offering training for the Remote Pilot Certificate and for Flying UAS. We highly advise that you check out the history of the orgaization offering the training.

Some Questions to ask are:

  1. Has the Company always operated legally? Operators who have in the past been Training without FAA approval (i.e. Everyone except Kansas State University) probably do not possess the ethics of a truly professional organization.
  2. What experience do the Instructors have with the National Airspace System, Training Pilots, and dealing with the FAA? With the release of part 107, drone operations will be entering the FAA mainstream and will need to understand not only Drone Operations, but also how those operations fit into the rest of the National Airspace System.
  3. Does the equipment used for flight training match up with what you intend to operate? With the wide variety of equipment available today, the training you receive using one manufacturers equipment may not be applicable to other equipment.
  4. Does the organization insurance to cover possible mishaps during flight training Operations? This again goes to ptrofessional ethics.

AeroUAVs has always operated fully within the parameters oestablished by the FAA and we are furm supporters of the Responsible, Professional, and safe Operations of UAS.