AeroUAVs has taken our experience with Air Carrier Safety Risk Management (SRM) and developed strategies for implementation of SRM principles into UAS operations. No system is totally without risk, so SMS principles are designed into every system to mitigate the risks and create a framework for management to make educated decisions on any remaining potential risks.AeroUAVs ensures all processes are then properly documented with compliance to regulatory requirements and conformance to system safety standards.

System Safety is a corporate structure resulting in a closed loop information system resulting in a cycle of continuous process improvement. Our system implements System Safety attributes into the clients structure. Translated to daily operations, management creates a PLAN in the form of a procedural based manual system. Following those specific procedures, employees then DO and CHECK the work. When an employee gives management FEEDBACK that the system needs improvement, management must ACT by revising the documented procedures to include the necessary improvement. This cycle’s objective is that the client's procedures used by employees are constantly being improved over time.

SMS / SRM Training

AeroUAVs experts can provide in-depth risk management training specifically designed for Internal Evaluation, Quality Assurance, and Safety Personnel and all Process Owners. The training can include detailed modules on audit and investigation methods, hazard and consequence identification, risk assessment, causal factor identification and analysis, risk management techniques, effective corrective and preventive action strategies, and institutionalizing change.

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