UAv Consulting and Services

Startup Assistance

AeroUAVs has different Options available for Startup Assistance

Startup Consulting

AeroUAVs experts have years of experience dealing with FAA certifications and we offer assistance in applying for:

  1. Wavers to certain parts of Part 107

  2. Section 333 Exemptions

  3. Additional COAs

  4. Pilot Training 

Sale of Existing Company with FAA 333 Approval

Why wait 120 days for a Closed Set Motion Picture Approvals (Close Operations)? AeroUAVs has access to a limited number of Companies with existing Section 333 approvals and registered drones that are for sale. These are existing LLC Companies formed under the laws of the state of Florida that have already gone thru the FAA waver process. The sale includes:

  1. Established company Name

  2. Existing LLC Corporation organized under Florida Tax law (No Corporate Tax) 

  3. FAA Reviewed Operations, Training, and Motion Picture and Television Flight Operations Manuals

  4. FAA Registered Drone with N Number

  5. After the sale Consulting Support 

After purchase company names and locations can be changed without affecting the FAA Section 333 Approval. Call us today for more information regarding the sale of this existing company and start flying right away.